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The MegaBreaker EA (Complimentary Gift)

world class trading stars

Hi everyone. Here is the next gift from the World  Class Trading Stars crew. This time it comes in the form of an EA called “MegaBreaker.”

Click here to get your free copy

Here are a few things that it does:

– You can draw just about any common chart pattern,
and MegaBreaker will enter a trade for you, as
though you did it yourself.

– It will continually tell you at what point it will
enter a trade.

– If you prefer to enter trades by yourself, it will
show an alert when the point you choose has been

– For range trades, you can specify how many bars you
want the range to cover.

– You can specify how many PIPS above or below the
line you want to enter a trade.

– You set it to enter a trade between two lines, so
that it buys above the top line, or sells below the
lower line.

– You can set the lot size to use.

– You can trail your stop loss by an amount, or
number of bars.

– You can drag a line to a different point and
everything will automatically adjust. Your stop loss
and take profit will move as the line moves.

– You can also tell it to close all orders after a
certain number of bars.

Click here to get your free copy

Don’t forget to leave a comment after you try out MegaBreaker as you could win an iPad2, a Dell Laptop, a telescope or a Kindle!


The World Class Trading Stars guys are giving away a trading system

world class trading stars

Hi everyone. I just wanted to pass along the news that the crew behind The World Class Trading Stars are now giving away a trading system! You can get your copy of their “Triple Shot Forex Trading” system right now by following the link below:


This trading system is based on the same system that won one of the biggest trading competitions in the world, with 636.92% in one month.

There is other free stuff that the World Class Trading Stars are sending your way, so be sure to keep an eye out for the next blog post or e-mail (if you’re on my mailing list).


New version of the free Forex Rebellion indicator is out

Hi everyone.  I have a bit of news for you. In a previous post of mine I announced that a member of the Forex Nirvana forum – jmw1970 – has created a “mod” or enhancement for the Forex Rebellion manual trading system. Well, it turns out that JMW1970 has released a new version of his free Forex Rebellion mod package, and you can easily get your hands on it!

You can get your copy right here:


Please note that this DOES NOT mean you’ll get the Forex Rebellion system for free. JMW1970’s mod requires that you have the original Forex Rebellion indicators. This is just to clear up any ideas that JMW1970 is distributing a pirated version of the Forex Rebellion system.




Free Forex Rebellion Indicator

Hi everyone. I’ve got a nice forex freebie to share with you! This freebie is a mod for the Forex Rebellion manual forex trading system. A very generous member (jmw1970) of the Forex Nirvana Forum is sharing his custom indicator(s) for this trading system. Bear in mind you still HAVE to have an actual legit copy of Forex Rebellion so this indicator is only useful to those who already do. If you don’t already own a copy you can grab one by visiting the forex rebellion homepage.

Once you’ve got your legit Forex Rebellion indicator jump on over to the Forex Rebellion thread at Forex Nirvana and download jmw1970’s indicator package. Here is a direct link to what I believe to be the latest version of his forex rebellion indicator:


This may not actually be the latest version though so if you want to make sure I strongly recommend you go through the entire thread here:


Jmw1970 is currently testing his Forex Rebellion  modifications on a small live account. You can follow his progress here (if you want):


He also mentioned in the forum thread that “..live testing will be complete end of July, [and] if all is well then the new indicators will be uploaded early in August.”

I hope you folks found this post useful.

Kudos to jmw1970 for his great work. Please, if you found his mod useful jump on the forum thread and thank him!