My Forex VPS platform is officially open for business

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Hi everyone. I am very excited to announce that the proposed forex VPS platform I discussed a while back (here, here and here) is finally ready and open for business!!

I would like to apologize to all of you who expressed interest for making you wait so long. I learned a valuable lesson about overestimating development time.

The name I chose for the site/business is Forex VPS Nirvana in honor of the forum where I first announced the idea.

The price for an account is still the same $45/month that I promised everyone at the very beginning.

For more info or to sign-up please visit the Forex VPS Nirvana homepage at:



2 thoughts on “My Forex VPS platform is officially open for business”

  1. HUGE price.. for a medium service.

    we can find anywhere else the same service for less than $20… re-think about your prices and you might grab out some folks from the competition.

  2. Really? I disgree that it is a “medium service” I looked around before selecting that price point and there is no other vps provider geared towards forex traders that give you unlimited server resources for anything less than $60. Sure you can get a super cheap $16 windows vps but you get so little ram that you can barely run a few EAs. Windows is resource intensive and most of that memory you get for $16 (for that you get 256 MB of RAM) will be chewed up by windows.

    On my platform the MT4 software is the only program that chews up RAM because the platform runs in it’s own memory space.

    Also on my platform reliability is guaranteed 100% by Rackspace. If you go with the bottom end vps providers you can experience serious downtime. If you have real money riding on your VPS this is something you will soon learn to appreciate.

    I can definitely lower the price as I get volume discounts the more customers I get.

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